Roy Keane and Sunderland

My mate Gary sent this article along from football365 about the new Roy Keane appointment at Sunderland – it is certainly interesting and whatever else happens suspect it will be a ‘ride’ – I have a funny feeling he may actually work out – Not sure I’d fancy being one of his players though – and not sure ‘contriteness’ suits him all that well.


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Black & White’s chart topper

Was at Black & White in Edinburgh few weeks ago and they are doing a lot of very excellent stuff and are very much a Scottish publisher! So was pleased to see this little snippet in Publishing News

BLACK & White, the fast-growing Scottish independent, has scored another success as its memoir Voices in the Street, by debut author Maureen Reynolds, spends its seventh week atop Ottakar’s Scottish bestseller list, outselling Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin.

The image is of their offices and the very excellent Janne:

Black & White offices

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Have watched the first batch of the new split season six (12 episodes to start with and apparently another 8 to follow in the new year) with mixed feeling – not sure it worked as well as previous seasons – but for me and certainly my stepmother it is still the benchmark against which all other tv is judged.

It is just starting to show in the UK and this article from The Guardian makes some good points.

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Dylan and the iPod

Fair play to him doing the ad – the new record ‘Modern Times’ is quite frankly remarkable and I hope gets the audience it serves and not too much carping from the ‘I remember Dylan in the sixties’ brigade – well it ain’t the sixties and these ‘Modern Times’ remind me for one of some of the oldest blues. I have a playlist on my ipod of this record and the two previous ‘Time Out of Mind’ and ‘Love and Theft’ and I would contend that it is one of the great runs of all time. Up there with the Stones from Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main Street; the first three Jimi Hendrix Experience records; the first two Band records and so on. Click on image to view the ad.

Dylan and the ipod

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A bit afraid

We watch a little of Fox News and quite frankly we can’t cope with too much as is just too scary

The idea that a country as wealthy, well armed and deluded as America with such a seemingly collective loose grip on reality; with a quite a staggering ability to rewrite history (through its patented ignorance filter) and (ironically!) a strange idea about what democracy actually is – it is of course often very funny but we always catch ourselves as the reality hits us they believe this stuff.

Was just reading this article on the Guardian site about their Bill O’reilly and some spate he is having with a competitor.

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Lorraine Fanin and OBE

During my recent trip to Edinburgh to try and help Scottish publishers with their bibliograhic data I heard that their Lorraine Fanin has recently been awarded an OBE for services to publishing. Lorraine has worked tirelessly for many years to support Scottish publishing and the award is well deserved. And, on a personal note I am always glad to meet up with Lorraine at the bookfairs we attend on both sides of the Atlantic as always glad to sample their whiskey stash at the end of a long day.

Click here to learn more.

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Pears and roquefort

The phrase ‘classic combination’ is oft overused but this is one combination befitting of such a status. And as always perfectly executed by my stepmother:

Pears and roquefort

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Not a recipe at all just a little thing for Sara’s grandmother who apparently liked roasted peppers I sent on to her.

Simply get some peppers and cut them in half, deseed and take that slightly bitter white stuff out and place cut side up in a suitably sized roasting dish.


Next you can take tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms or anything else for that matter or of course any combination thereof and mix with some garlic (roughly half a clove finely chopped per pepper seems about right), a good slug of olive oil, mountains of cracked black pepper and salt and whatever herbs you have lying around (with the exception of basil which I always think is such a waste to cook!) – if you only have dried herbs then I would stick to thyme or oregano as they seem to work best (but that is just me). And sometimes I put a drop of vinegar (red wine, balsamic or whatever is to hand) or alternatively a slug of wine and even sometimes whole grain mustard (with mushrooms seems to work best for some reason) or even sundried tomatoe paste – only a little (say half a tablespoon for half a dozen peppers). Anyway, you get the idea – i.e whatever works for you.

Mix together in suitable bowl:


And place in oven on medium to low heat for 40 minutes or so or until the peppers are nice and collapsing and lots of nice juice. Serve with good bread.

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55 days! Who can afford that?

Just been working with a medium sized Christian publisher in the US who ended up coming to us for a more affordable solution. Biggest factor seems to be that we didn’t hold them to lots of mandatory consultancy/project management/data migration and so on.

And, our license is a one off payment. They really like the fact they didn’t need have to pay every year just to use the software they had paid for.

The next nearest quote for their 12 user system was for 55 days of consultancy and project management at $150 an hour!

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My moment of ‘Zen’

As Jon Stewart would say:

Moment of 'Zen'

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