Advances and craziness

Just been doing a little catching up on reading (way, way behind) so hence linking to this late. But a bit of a pet subject/hobby horse is the quite frankly dodgy maths that generally intelligent people indulge in when it comes to the subject of advances. Yes, I know it’s not as simple as straight maths (serialisation; prestige; other rights etc. etc. etc.). But, I see a lot of systems with a lot of advances; author contracts; print estimates; sales forecasts and so on and have seen some scary stuff.

Anyway, one of my favourite publishing blogs (Joe Wikert’s 2020 – which always has a great mix of comment; links and insight (and he writes well – always entertaining and clear – anyway, enough of that go check it out yourself!) had this article a couple of weeks ago (said I was behind! – It has been the London Book Fair for crying out loud!) about advances.

Post I made earlier making similar point about the maths just not working for so many of these deals.


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New Onix Code list issued

Onix Code List 8 is available for download from the Editeur website. I haven’t had a chance to look through the change list in any detail yet so will save any comments for the next day or so.

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University of Wales Press

Very pleased to be working in the coming weeks with the University of Wales Press. And would like to thank them for great time at London Book Fair a couple of weeks ago celebrating the publication of the Encyclopedia of Wales.

Having been involved on and off over the last few months with the Press I am very aware of the incredible amount of work that has gone into this remarkable publication and wish them every success with it.

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And I even like the cover …

Been enjoying very much the first single from the Scarlett Johansson upcoming record of Tom Waits covers (though think there is one composition of her own on the end).

There is track by track on the Uncut site if you want to learn more (via Rare Autumn). Not sure why Gawker feel need to be such twats about it but guess that is their job – still lazy; ignorant nonsense is I guess their stock in trade. Anyway, single bodes well for the album and features nice cameo from David Bowie in the background.

And some of the various bits of artwork for the album seen around the web look fantastic as indeed does the cover of the single itself.

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London Book Fair Supply Chain presentations

Supply Chain Seminar room before obviously the meeting started (and yet again apologies for rubbish camera phone image). Anyway, all the presentations should be up and available for download (including mine of course) from the BIC website in the next few days.

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Back to Stockholm

Via a bit of a flight returned to Stockholm post the London Book Fair. And the weather has been glorious this weekend. Had almost forgot just what a remarkable place Stockholm is. Sorry for quality of image (rubbish camera phone) but that almost anywhere in the bulk of Stockholm you are never many minutes away from really being able to ‘get away from it all’. One of many reasons Stockholm will always stay with me.

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Mobile phones on planes – please god, no!

It seems approval has been given for the use of mobile phones on planes. Who on earth thinks this is a good idea I have no idea. Giving more rope to those irritating twats who always exude that air of ridiculous self importance whilst speaking on their mobiles as the stewardness is trying to tell them to switch it off as the doors are closing is almost beyond belief. I strongly suspect I’ll be doing some time in jail somewhere over the next few years for placing a sales reps Blackberry in an inappropriate orifice. Heh, ho – such is life.

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Keith and surely told a million times etc.

Sure Keith must have told these stories a zillion times but this is probably one of the better interviews (that I’ve come across anyway) in recent times.

Life doesn’t get any easier as you get older. It just becomes more complex. At the same time, one starts to discern certain threads which are important to follow.

As someone perched on the edge of getting married and certainly getting older. I’ll go with that.

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The marvel of Okkervil River

One of my favourite bands of recent times and a band I can’t recommend highly enough have a great free collection of tracks for free download on their official site. Well worth grabbing.

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London Book Fair for the duration

After wriggling as much as I can on the hook – It seems will be at London Book Fair for the duration. So, if you want to book some time then just drop me a line.

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